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About the Alliance

Since 2001, the Public Charter School Alliance of SC (PCSASC) has been the trusted voice in fostering innovative and high-quality public charter education in South Carolina. As a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, we are committed to supporting our member schools—comprising educators, community and business leaders, families, and volunteers—in their pursuit of excellence. Our strategic focus lies in providing vital resources, advocating for legislative change, and developing effective support systems for South Carolina’s public charter schools. We believe in the transformative power of education and are dedicated to ensuring that every student in our state has access to a high-quality public school, thereby shaping a brighter future for all.


The mission of the Public Charter School Alliance of South Carolina (Alliance) is to strengthen public education for South Carolina students by supporting and advocating for high-quality public charter schools.


We envision a South Carolina where every child has access to transformative, high-quality public charter schooling. We strive to be the catalyst for innovative, effective education through dedicated advocacy, support, and community engagement.


For two decades, the PCSASC has been promoting public charter schools by introducing and supporting favorable public policy that protects charter school autonomy and flexibility while fighting against harmful legislation. Since 2001, we have successfully navigated significant legislation to positively benefit South Carolina’s charter public schools. 
  • Employ full-service lobbying and public relations firm 
  • Work with government relations professionals who specialize in education and communication
  • Alliance leadership works directly with members to facilitate policy priorities
  • Leadership works directly with members of the General Assembly to advocate for and against proposed legislation  


We amplify success stories from our charter school community to foster stronger public support, raising awareness and understanding together.
  • Share the positive differences public charter schools make with community members, organizations, and families.
  • Facilitate opportunities to learn and support member schools


The PCSASC acts as a central hub of resources for leaders, educators, and board members, providing best practices, professional development opportunities, and support for educational practices, operational understanding, governance, and advocacy engagement.
  • Assistance with navigating the landscape of a non-profit organization and educational institution 
    • Provide guidance, support, and technical assistance
      • Best practices
      • HR 
      • Marketing
      • Communication
      • Legal assistance
      • PowerSchool
      • Job postings
      • Board Trainings
    • Access to required training
    • PD opportunities
    • Special events (annual conference, Leadership Summit, training, services (elections, advance board training, searches, policy manuals)
    • Collaborate with charter leaders through workshops, luncheons, round tables, job fairs, school showcases
    • Newsletter

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