Public Charter School Alliance of South Carolina

School Startup Incubator

Innovative, high-quality, public education for the Palmetto State!

The Public Charter School Alliance of South Carolina is committed to expanding high-quality educational opportunities that improve students’ academic achievement through the development of public charter schools. From Sponsor Approval Through the Second Year of Operation – The Incubator Program assists charter committees and program managers in navigating the intense years of transitioning between approval and successful operations.

In partnership with the S.C. Department of Education, PCSASC provides guidance and technical training to charter committees to work through key Planning and Implementation Grant components. If you are not a recipient of the SCDE P&I Subgrant but would like to participate in the Incubator Program, please email us for more information. 

Each school will receive individualized coaching in specific areas in which their school needs additional expertise including direct mentoring and training. These training areas may include, but are not limited to:

Planning Year:

  • Developing a comprehensive timeline and plan
  • Strategic site visits to debrief on timeline and best practices with project managers and follow up with the school leadership team
  • Training and coaching of project manager, contracted services, and volunteers on critical steps necessary to successfully opening
  • Guidance on the implementation of a marketing plan for diverse groups of students and employees
  • Preparation for the student enrollment process, including applications, recruitment, lottery, enrollment packets, and record-keeping
  • Support for the finalization of the Student Code of Conduct and Discipline Plan
  • Training for the charter committee on decision-making concerning all employment matters, including employee handbook, procedures, record keeping, and benefit packages
  • Development of comprehensive employee recruitment process including job descriptions, advertising, posting to PCSASC Job Board and CERRA, interview procedures, state certification requirements, and employment agreements
  • Assistance with the formation of a functioning office to answer public inquiries
  • Comprehensive board governance training and support, including:
    • Development of board policies and procedures.
    • Committee development and strategic work plans.
    • Cash Flow, Contracts, Budget, and Procurement Plans
    • Provide guidance to the charter committee for initial contact with the Office of School Facilities working towards your Certificate of Occupancy
  • Support the Development of a School Safely Plan
  • Support organizational transition during the hiring of school administrator
  • Further align curriculum and instructional strategies to the state standards and the charter document
  • Charter revisions and grant evaluations of expenditures
Implementation Year 1
  • Professional development training for administrators and charter committee members
  • Ribbon cutting ceremony and public relations as school opens.  Support the transformation of the written charter to a functioning public charter school
  • Facilitate board elections, transition from a charter committee, election of officers, committee reformation, and mandated training
  • Develop a comprehensive timeline and plan for the initial charter operating year
  • Charter revisions and review of allocation of resources to advance the mission of the charter and meet performance measures
  • Strategic plan drafting and implementation
  • Strategic site visits to successful charter schools to reflect on next priorities
  • Continuation of diverse marketing plan for student enrollment and lottery procedures
  • Review of board policies and procedures, including student handbook and employee handbook
  • Strategic site visits to successful charter schools by new staff and board members
  • Follow up on student records after school opens
  • Follow up on employee records after school opens
  • Review of performance measures, curriculum, and instructional strategies with coordinated programming revisions and charter amendments as needed
  • Survey development for annual staff and family satisfaction reports
Implementation Year 2 (This year is focused on the long-term sustainability of the school)
  • Review of first-year data and coaching to make the needed changes
  • Board development and leadership development support as the school expands and meets new challenges
  • Lay groundwork for long-term facility needs
  • Review of charter and bylaws
  • Develop a culture of ongoing analysis, alignment, and action focused on advancing the mission of the school

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