Public Charter School Alliance of South Carolina

Mission Development

What is your mission?

Your public charter school mission is the backbone of the vision for your school. So, why does so little time go into crafting a mission, and why is it a few sentences that are almost cryptic as to what you want to convey? Your mission matters and should be reflected upon when making every policy and every decision for your school. Here are a few tools and articles to help with your mission statement, whether you are writing it for the first time, or reworking an existing one.

As an Alliance member benefit, we offer customized charter school consulting to support your development needs. Our experts can provide strategy and planning support, capacity building, board governance, financial modeling, expansion planning, and more.

Discounted or complimentary consulting is available based on the scope and time investment required for the project. We aim to provide affordable solutions tailored to each school’s unique requirements.

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