Public Charter School Alliance of South Carolina

Board Insights

Effective charter school governance is critical to long-term school quality and viability. The South Carolina Charter Alliance provides a robust set of training, tools, and supports to empower both new and experienced governing boards in their oversight role.

Core governance offerings accessible through Alliance membership help boards:

  • Understand legal duties and responsibilities
  • Make informed, mission-driven decisions
  • Provide academic, financial, and operational oversight
  • Engage in strategic planning for growth and sustainability
  • Ensure compliance with regulations and requirements
Outside of a school building

Board Orientation and Training

Fulfilling Governance Requirements

South Carolina law mandates all elected or appointed charter school governing board members successfully complete an orientation program within their first year. The State Department of Education provides this complimentary orientation. It covers fundamental governance duties and responsibilities. You can find the schedule and registration here.

Level Up with Advanced Training

While state orientation meets baseline legal requirements, mastery of key governance competencies requires ongoing development. The PCSASC offers exclusive advanced training for member school boards seeking to take their oversight capabilities to the next level.

Explore our comprehensive programs, diving deeper into financial oversight, policy governance, renewal planning, and other critical areas. Strengthening governance abilities directly translates to greater school quality and outcomes.

Board Election Services

The Alliance provides reasonable rates for support services and technical assistance to members for their elections. It takes care of everything from collecting applications to sending out e-ballots and certifying the results. This process ensures integrity and confidentiality in the voting process, compliance with state laws and the school’s charter, and voter engagement with access to e-ballots on smartphones, computers, tablets, or a computer at the school. 

Read more about the scope of work or contact us to develop a plan for your school board election.

Here to help

If we can be of any additional help, contact us!  We look forward to hearing from you!