Public Charter School Alliance of South Carolina

The Trusted Voice for
South Carolina Charter Schools

The Trusted Voice for
South Carolina Charter Schools


For two decades, the PCSASC has been promoting public charter schools by introducing and supporting favorable public policy that protects charter school autonomy and flexibility while fighting against harmful legislation. Since 2001, we have successfully navigated significant legislation to positively benefit South Carolina's charter public schools.


We spotlight charter schools' incredible work by showcasing best practices, student achievements, teacher innovations and more. Our goal is building understanding and awareness around the excellence of charter education to translate into greater investments into their promise. We raise visibility through community events, social campaigns, and communicating impact stories.


The PCSASC acts as a central hub of resources for leaders, educators, and board members, providing best practices, professional development opportunities, and support for educational practices, operational understanding, governance, and advocacy engagement.

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Pursuing Excellence in Education

Behind the Scenes: Our Annual Conference

Watch this video recap of our 2023 Annual Conference. This event embodies our broader mission – supporting innovation and excellence in South Carolina education since 2001 through advocacy, best practices, and charter community building. Join our pursuit of excellence!

Partners & Vendors

The PCSASC is committed to fostering innovative and high-quality public charter schools in South Carolina. Our Marketplace connects our member schools with experienced vendors tailored to the unique needs of charter campuses. Whether you are looking for specialized services in marketing, accounting, facilities financing, or beyond, browse our searchable database to find the right partner to support your pursuit of excellence.
Join the Marketplace as a vendor if you have expertise that aligns with the goals of our member schools. Together, we can provide South Carolina students access to transformative educational opportunities.

Thank you to our Corporate Partners


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