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As a nationally renowned firm, BCCG provides a comprehensive solution for education, an Education Accelerator ready to work with you to develop your school. Our total program approach allows BCCG to guide and assist you through the broad spectrum of challenges related to a new school facility – Government approvals, budget creation, funding, feasibility, land acquisition, entitlements, zoning, site planning, design, construction, and commissioning. And unlike other firms, BCCG looks at the creation or expansion of an education facility as a process, that starts with understanding the unique education needs, and studying the feasibility of the project before final direction is set. BCCG creates a success path that starts with conceptualization, budgeting, and funding of your solution in a proven design-to-budget process. BCCG understands that a school facility is a key component to a successful school, but only one of the many elements that support a learning environment. BCCG partners with many non-facility related service providers important in planning for and operating a successful school. In addition to facility funding options, BCCG can offer assistance in technology, marketing, enrollment, procurement of furniture, fixtures, security, athletic equipment, and more. No other firm can offer the depth of services that BCCG can provide. Better, no one has built more charter and private schools nationally than our team. From concept through completion, let us get to work with you in growing school choice.

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